Nekirurški sprejemni obnova Novosibirsk

Opening of the Gorodissky branch office in Novosibirsk took place in October 2017. Gorodissky and Partners successfully executes its strategy for promotion.

Najboljše olje za krepitev las

Dec 25, 2018 A dog owner abandoned his pet at a bus stop in Russia's Novosibirsk region. Many months later, the dog remained in the same spot, waiting.

Najboljše zdravilo za izpadanje las pri moških pregledov

Novosibirsk, city, administrative centre of Novosibirsk oblast (region) and the chief city of western Siberia, in south-central Russia. It lies along the Ob River .

Novosibirsk is the largest municipal entity in the Russian Federation with the third largest population count of all Russian cities. The resident population.